June 28, 2016

For Patients

For Appointments

When attending your first appointment with A/Prof. Wilson, our friendly medical staff will check you in and request a few of your details.

To make this a smooth process, please remember to bring the following items with you to your appointment:

  1. Referral from your GP
  2. Medicare Card
  3. Private Health Insurance Card
  4. Recent scans such as; X-ray, MRI, and Ultrasounds

During your consult with A/Prof. Wilson you will receive a thorough examination and be offered management and options with for your condition.
If further scans or investigations are required we would be more than happy to organise this for you, and a follow up appointment will be made to discuss your results.

Your well being is our priority.

Before Surgery

A/Prof. Wilson understands that surgery can often be a daunting and stressful time not only for patients, but also for family involved.

For that reason, we have ensured our hospital admission process is easy to understand and follow for involved. When consenting to surgery, A/Prof. Wilson will explain the procedure in detail and share any risks that may be involved. This is a good time to ask many questions you may have in regards to your surgery.

Once you have consented to surgery, you will have the option of having your surgery performed at either Flinders Private Hospital or Glenelg Community Hospital. You will be able to select a surgery date that is convenient as per your schedule so you can organise all the other elements of your life.

After Consent for Surgery

Our reception staff will then organise a personalised admission pack for you, this will include:

  • A confirmation letter confirming your procedure, chosen hospital, admission date, and Anaesthetist.
  • Hospital admission booklet
  • Anaesthetic information brochure and pre anaesthetic health questionnaire
  • Pre-op blood form (if applicable)
  • Fasting time
  • Post-op appointment

Note that patients who have joint replacement or revision surgery will also require a pre-anaesthetic consult prior to surgery, and this will be organised for you.